What does Flip BESE want?

Flip BESE wants a board that is NOT tied to special, out of state interests.  We promote candidates who are rooted in public school systems, and who recognize that the current education agenda is inadequate.  We want a new state superintendent.  We want a BESE who recognizes the value of our classroom teachers.  We want a board who realizes that the school letter grade system is bogus and that selling our schools and our curricula to corporations is not reform, it is giving up.

This can only be accomplished if we elect the candidates who want the same thing.  Please make it a priority to become familiar with the candidates in your district, and do what you can to support the candidate who will help make a better BESE a reality. #FlipBESE.
Do you know which BESE district you live in? If you are unsure, we can help.

To find your BESE district, click on the link below. The link will bring you to the Voter Portal. Form there, type in your address and click Submit. You will then select "Voter Registration" from the top bar and select "What voting districts do I live in?"

Vote to Flip BESE on October 24th.